We offer a variety of theme-specific tailored training programs to strengthen leaders in mastering a motivating basic attitude and motivating leadership skills. During our programs, we work with concrete case material and examples of both success stories and situations that the participants currently experience as difficult. We pay attention to both the preventive and remedial role of motivating leadership.

Training in leadership and organizational development

You can learn to motivate! We offer various theme-specific training courses in leadership and organizational development.

The objective of a training program is to strengthen leaders and organizations in adopting a (more) motivating approach. The basic principles of Self-Determination Theory and the impetus360 leadership compass serve as our guides throughout the diverse offerings.

An individual or organizational report depicts the current situation in your team or organization and offers a starting point to give direction to your own development as a leader or organization.

Working together to outline a measurable tailored trajectory

Co-creation of leadership programs

We do not offer 'one-size-fits-all' programs and fully embrace tailoring and co-creation to provide the most suitable training for your organization.

Both the content and the approach of our training programs are always attuned to the learning needs and learning pace of the participants. We ensure that what is learned is directly relevant to the personal and/or professional development of each participant. Throughout the process, we ensure that the steps taken are feasible and realistic. This way, we increase the chance of successful and sustainable anchoring!

evidence-based ànd practical

Our approach

Should you think that as a spin-off of Ghent University we take a theoretical rather than a practical approach, we will refute that image today. We resolutely opt for an and-and story: scientifically underpinned and practical.

Our training programs consist of a mix of various methods: knowledge transfer, interactive exercises, reflection, experiential learning, discussion, exchange of experience and peer coaching.

Throughout our programs, participants are not passive recipients of information; we fully empower them. We see our participants as experts in their work context. We support them in setting an appropriate course.

from insight to action with the ABC-model
Leadership program

A leadership program aims to strengthen leaders in mastering a motivating mindset and motivating leadership skills.

A program is built up in multiple (brief) modules.

We start with a more knowledge-oriented module, in which the basic principles of Self-Determination Theory are explained with the aim of providing a common language to talk about motivation and leadership.

Leaders gain insight into the basic psychological needs for autonomy, belongingness and competence (ABC model) as vitamins for employee growth and well-being, and they are introduced to the pros and cons of different leadership styles. Indeed, many leaders struggle with maintaining structure without compromising the autonomy of their team or, vice versa, with supporting the autonomy of teams without creating chaos.

In the modules that follow, we make the transfer to daily practice. Starting from an ABC-mindset and the impetus360 leadership compass, we work with concrete case material and examples of both success stories and situations participants currently experience as difficult. Attention is paid to both the preventive and remedial role of motivational leadership. We discuss how leaders who use an ABC-supportive approach can prevent problems by investing in autonomous motivation and engagement, and how they can find more appropriate and creative solutions when problems arise.

In each module, participants are encouraged to draw up a feasible action plan that they can directly apply in the workplace. Participants are invited to challenge and coach each other in implementing and adjusting their actions.

depth and practice in leadership, feedback, ...
Skills training

Our skills trainings focus on the in-depth learning of specific motivating skills and their transfer to everyday interactions in the workplace.

Theory is limited. The emphasis is mainly on providing concrete practical tools and practice.

A selection from our training offer:

  • Coaching leadership

  • Motivating feedback culture: giving, asking and receiving feedback

  • Organizing participation

  • Motivating goal- and rule-setting

  • Development-oriented communication

  • Conflict management

  • Motivating collaboration

  • ...

In addition to the above training courses, we develop, either on our own initiative or upon request and in co-creation with the client, additional theme-specific training courses aimed at strengthening a motivating culture within the organization.

motivation in own hands
Need crafting & ABC model

Organizations and leaders play a crucial role in promoting sustainable motivation and engagement in the workplace. But employees can also take control of their own motivation and psychological well-being.

Need crafting is the skill of nurturing your own psychological needs for autonomy, belongingness and competence (ABC model).

This training is aimed at making you aware of how your own ABC is doing and what you need to boost your ABC. From this awareness you learn what you can do to fully engage yourself in activities that fulfil your ABC.

at the helm of your own career
Inner Compass

Sometimes we feel stuck in our careers, or we doubt whether we have made the right choices. We have lost our bearings.

Taking the time to consciously connect with your inner compass (i.e., the set of deeply embedded values, goals and interests you subscribe to) can help you to get your career (back) on track. A solid inner compass arms you to navigate life in a meaningful and efficient way.

This training will give you insight in how to shape your inner compass and use it to give direction to your career, to make day-to-day choices more easily and to develop the necessary resilience to stay true to yourself.

We offer this training to employees who are looking for tools to get their ship (back) on course, as well as to HR professionals or leaders who want to further professionalise in supporting colleagues and team members.

Finger on the pulse

Personal report as a starting point for professional development

Prior to a leadership program, a team scan can be conducted. A personal report provides insight into leadership, motivation and effects within the team. In our trainings, we elaborate on the results of this report with the aim of encouraging self-reflection among the participants.

A personal report allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of strengths and growth opportunities, and offers a starting point for the personal and professional development of leaders.

Impetus360 leadership compass and ABC as an excellent reflection tool

Through an online survey, leaders report on their own leadership and motivation. Team members can also report on their leader's leadership. A few advantages of the leadership compass:

  • It provides insight into the 'current temperature' within the team and sharpens the learning needs of the leader.

  • It serves as a reflection instrument whereby the leader has a better sense of what motivating and demotivating leadership is.

  • It reveals discrepancies between leaders' perception of their own style and the perception of the team.

  • It offers a tool to check the effectiveness of leadership programs through interim and/or post-measurements.

We also offer individual coaching or intervision opportunities to work in more depth with the results of the report. In addition, we support HR in organizing coaching and reflection discussions based on the leadership report.

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