During a keynote or inspiration session, participants are introduced to the basic principles about motivation and leadership. Through interactive exercises and real-life examples, we provide a common language to talk about motivation and growth of people and what it takes to create a motivating working environment.

Inspire a sustainable HR policy

As a leader or organization, we often rely on our intuition to motivate our people. Some days we succeed better than others, and for one task or one project we get to motivate our team more than for another task.

In our inspiration sessions, we provide in-depth insight into what types of motivation can be distinguished, what drives sustainable motivation and what role employees themselves and their environment can play in creating a motivating work environment.

inspire with

An interactive keynote or inspiration session

Become more familiar with what motivation is and why it pays to invest in the sustainably motivating employees.

Get acquainted with the ABC needs as the engine of motivation and discover which building blocks characterize a motivating approach.

With our inspiration sessions, we touch upon various motivational themes and foster the motivation of employees, (team)leaders, management and board to join forces in creating a motivating corporate culture.

A few themes

  • How to evolve from mustivation to wantivation in the workplace?

  • How to promote the growth and resilience of our employees?

  • How to develop and implement a sustainable HR policy on hybrid work?

  • How to create support for change in a motivating way?

  • ...

Our approach

Through interactive exercises and practical examples, you will be given concrete tools to better understand dynamics in the workplace and to promote sustainable motivation in yourself and others.

The short discussion moments in small groups allow you to exchange experiences with other participants and to enrich your own perspective on motivation and leadership.

Do not expect a top-down lecture, but a dynamic session, in which active participation and self-reflection are encouraged.

Stay tuned

Do you want to stay informed about our initiatives, methods and about motivation in science and practice?