We support organizations and leaders in their professional development through intervision, coaching and customized consulting. We offer tailor-made guidance in creating a motivating work environment for oneself and others.

Customized guidance and co-creation

As a reliable partner, we offer customized training and guidance for leaders to get the best out of themselves. We give advice on how to set up a motivating HR policy as an organization. Through co-creation, we search together for appropriate solutions to achieve a sustainable results.

learn from each other

During intervisions, we use structured methods to exchange practical experiences. We dive into concrete cases and learning questions that you encounter and inspire each other with suggestions on how to overcome these challenges.

Do not expect theory, but a carefully guided process with the emphasis on learning from and with each other in a safe context. Growing in leadership through experience sharing.

investing in personal growth
Individual coaching

We offer one-to-one coaching for leaders and employees who want to grow personally and/or professionally.

Coaching always starts from a concrete learning question. In an exploratory phase, we try to clarify the learning question together and we set the goal you want to achieve. You are challenged to reflect on yourself and to broaden your horizons, so that you look at challenges from a different perspective. We do not give advice, but support you in thinking up alternatives and trying them out in practice.

Possible questions that can be addressed in one-to-one coaching:

  • How do I deal with work pressure?

  • As a leader, how do I find a good balance between giving direction and leaving enough room for participation?

  • How can I, as a leader, be less of an expert and more of a coach?

  • How do I delegate the work?

  • How can I bring a difficult message without damaging my working relationship with the other person?

  • How can I manage my time better?

  • How do I deal with resistance?

  • How do I create more belongingness in the team?

  • ...

We offer individual coaching as a separate trajectory for leaders or as part of a more extensive leadership program.

reliable partner
Co-creation & consultancy

Our tailor-made guidance and advice covers various activities aimed at a sustainable embedding of a motivating company culture. Through co-creation, we search together for appropriate solutions to the questions and challenges of your organization.

Some examples of how we can help your organization:

  • Developing a vision and mission

  • Advice on a ( more ) motivating HR policy

  • Consultancy in relation to the selection and/or development of the most suitable surveys, tools or methodologies to identify challenges

  • Focus groups, participatory exercises and workshops with employees to gain bottom-up insights on pressing questions and/or challenges

  • Thematic work groups to develop and roll out actions in dialogue with a representative sample of employees

  • ...

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