Why we do what we do

Motivation as a key to growth

As an organization, you find it important that your employees get pleasure and satisfaction from their work. You want to create a positive company culture in which employees feel good and can work together smoothly. At the same time, you want them to achieve objectives and to deliver results, and you want them to be able to adapt flexibly to a constantly changing circumstances.

A people-oriented and result-oriented focus do not have to be at odds with each other, and can even go hand in hand. By fully focusing on the driving force behind both, motivation, you as an organization can make the difference every day.

Starting from a strong belief in the growth potential of every individual and every organization, Impetus Academy wants to be your partner in creating a sustainably motivating work environment. After all, your employees are the key to the progress and growth of your organization.

Based on the solid scientific foundation of Self-Determination Theory (SDT) and with attention for pragmatism and tailoring in function of your specific context and needs, we unlock the driving force (impetus) in your organization.

How do we make a difference at Impetus Academy?

Positive view on

We start from a strong belief in the growth and integration propensities of every individual and every organization. A growth-oriented approach is our trademark. Based on the 'walk your talk' principle, we embrace a motivating approach to unlock the potential in each individual and each organization.


As a spin-off of Ghent University, science is in our DNA. We insist on being guided by the most recent scientific findings. Self-Determination Theory is the starting point and the touchstone for quality, both for the content of our offerings and for our working methods.

Inclusive approach

We strive for the involvement of all actors within the organization. Installing a common vision and language is central to this process. We support and facilitate a structural anchoring as to generate a sustainable impact.

and tailoring

We position ourselves close to the organization. Together we look for appropriate entry points that can guarantee structural and sustainable anchoring. We consciously opt for a tailored approach by allowing change to grow from within or from below in the organization.

Bridging the gap between science and practice

Impetus Academy, spin-off of Ghent University

As a spin-off of Ghent University, Impetus Academy guarantees a qualitative and evidence-based way of working. We resolutely opt for a theoretical and practical approach, as we strive for maximum positive impact for individuals and organisations.

  • Together we look at what your organization is currently up against, but also at what strengths are already there.

  • We use the latest scientific insights to address the development opportunities and specific needs of your organization.

  • We translate these insights into a pragmatic and hands-on approach in setting up effective actions to create a sustainably motivating working environment.

  • We stay away from a one-size-fits-all mentality and fully opt for tailoring and co-creation to realize our shared ambition maximizing positive impact in your organization.

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