We are Impeti

Impetus is Latin for driving force. We consciously chose this name because we want to be the driving forces (impeti) that help unlock the growth potential in your organization.

Our Impeti assist organizations, leaders and employees as a reliable companion de route. We empower others and support them to set an appropriate course. From a process-oriented focus, we ensure that others feel empowered to take the next step in their own development. The needs of the organization and the individual are always central. Starting from a culture or leadership scan, together we look for suitable entry points that can guarantee structural and sustainable embedding, so that our intervention eventually becomes superfluous.

We are added-value seekers

Our complementary team actively searches for the most appropriate and meaningful path for your organization. We examine together what the specific needs and challenges are, for example through a culture or leadership scan. We adjust the content and approach of the skills training, intervision or coaching to your specific context, so that we can provide maximum added value for your organization, leaders and employees (and their work motivation).

We are difference makers

What connects us is our shared ambition to generate maximum positive impact for individuals and organizations. Creating the conditions where every employee finds it worthwhile to put themselves and others in motion is what drives us to make a difference every day.

We are bridge builders

Building the Impetus story together is what characterizes us. We take a proactive approach and constantly look for opportunities to further strengthen our offer and our internal operations. Based on the motto 'teamwork makes the dream work', we work together in a complementary way in order to surpass ourselves again and again and to achieve qualitative results.

Within our own organization, we also focus on skills training, intervision and coaching and promote high-quality work motivation. We support and encourage each other so that everyone can be themselves, feel at home and continue to grow. Together we form one team, one Impetus.

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